The Six Pack Abs Myth

six pack abs dietThe latest trend to hit the fitness rage is the six pack abs. It does not matter if one is young, old, male or female; the abdominal region is the most obsessed part by health fitness fanatics.

It also happens to be the most difficult part of the body to tone. It is the most visible part of the body and toning it ensures a more attractive appearance.

It is not just the flat belly that is required but the six pack abs. It involves some rigorous exercise regimes. Losing belly fat is quite difficult in itself and acquiring wash board abs is even harder.

A proper diet is required. The most vital factor is to maintain a healthy nutritional diet plan. No fag diets or quick short cuts can ensure a proper six pack abs. One must have at least 3 meals every day. There should also be a couple of small meals or snacks in between. This requires a lot of self will and discipline.

Six pack abs require proper cardio exercises. If one is already a regular at a gym, the cardio exercises need to be notched up to a more difficult level. Cardiovascular exercises are very important.

The abs needs to be properly defined and that is only possible when the excess body fat is shed. The exercises need to be done for 45 minutes to an hour every morning.

It is important to understand the genes one possesses. Every body has a unique genetic programming that gives each a unique body type. It always helps to be motivated.

There are various celebrities that one aspires to look like. It is important to understand that one cannot have the very same body but one can always aspire to achieve the same level of fitness and toning that the celebrity has.

Diet Plans Based on Your Blood Group?

blood type diet plansYou may have heard the blood type diet plans! The idea of eating for your blood type comes from the notion that an individual’s response to specific foods is associated with his/her blood type.

Diet plans based on your blood group could help you emerge healthier and happier.

The premise of the diet is that an individual’s blood group is the reflection of one’s genetic structure. This coding not only manifests itself through the color of one’s eyes, height, weight, hair and other features but also determines the kind of metabolism the person has inherited.

So, individuals of a specific blood group are likely to respond best to specific kinds of foods.

Following are some kind of meals one can expect on the basis of their blood group:

Blood group ‘A’

For group A patients, the recommended foods include wheat and wheat products. This means more rotis, bread, pasta, kulchas, bakery products and noodles. It also encourages green vegetables, teas (especially green tea), light pulses and lentils.

But warns against excess heavy meat (even chicken) and dairy. Fish in small amounts and all fruits are fine.

Blood group ‘B’

Those with a B blood group, on the other hand, should thrive on milk, curd, paneer and other dairy products. Choose low fat milk if you follow a less active lifestyle. It discourages the consumption of chicken.

Moreover, wheat products and high glycemic index foods such as rice, biscuits, sooji and maida are to be avoided. All green vegetables are beneficial to the blood type and low sugar fruits work best.

Blood group ‘O’

This is the earliest human blood group. The blood group O is associated with acidic constitutions or body chemistries that are more acidic than alkaline. Since the natural pH of the body should be 7.4 and leans acidic in any case, naturally acidic constitutions have to work harder to keep the body in balance.

So it’s recommended that people with this blood type should stay away from foods that generate acids upon digestion.

They should cut down on non-vegetarian food, pickles, alcohol, fried foods, dairy and too much wheat and maida. What works better than all kinds of vegetables (especially leafy ones), rice, potato, black chana, all lentils and fruits, especially the water melons.

Blood group ‘AB’

If your blood group is of the AB type, it has compatibility with the A as well as the B group. As a result, foods of both blood types suit the body. The only thing to watch out for is the quantities in which the food is consumed. AB types tend to gain weight after their 30’s.

How To Get Pregnant With The Help of Pregnancy Miracle?

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