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Create your own adventure at Pixie Hollow

March 2, 2011

Pixie HollowFor any girl who has watched Peter Pan or Tinker Bell, “Pixie Hollow” is a household term. But for people who have not even crossed paths with Captain Hook, Pixie Hollow is the home of the more popular fairy of all time, Tinker Bell. The movie Tinker Bell was released by Disney in 2008 which showcased the voices of famous actors like Lucy Liu and Jesse McCartney as Silvermist and Terence respectively.

Because of the smashing hit by the animated film, Disney won’t stop at having it as just another blockbuster. Disney knows that kids would love to see more of the fun flick even after the show has ended in the theaters.

The magic of the pixie dust continues to enchant and lifts young girls to greater highs and heights as Disney released the computer game Pixie Hollow, an avenue where kids can continue their journey at the part of the forest in Neverland where fairies live in. With the game’s tagline—“Create a fairy and fly!”—girls ages 8 and above could enjoy and relive the Tinker Bell’s magical moments in Pixie Hollow.

Characters created can be customized according to how you want them to appear. In the site, you can register and also check out the latest news about Pixie Hollow and there is also a help section for beginners to run to.

Like any other game, gamers will never tire of finding cheats. Almost everybody is aware that even the simplest games have cheats on it if you just search for it. For this reason, Pixie Hollow cheats can be found at and other sites as well. However, cheats may not be that attractive to the target market of Pixie Hollow. Since probably kids ages 8 to 12 are the majority players in Pixie Hollow, it is unlikely that they will cheat on the game. After all, it does not require too much skill and computer knowledge to get by Pixie Hollow.

So to continue and go on with Tinker Bell’s and her fairy buddies’ adventure at Pixie Hollow, log on to and experience magic all over again.

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